Top 10 Lyme Prevention Tips for Your Property

Although there is a long-standing perception that you need to head out into nature to contract Lyme disease, the reality is that many people are exposed to Lyme bacteria on their own properties. I've noticed over the years that a lot of information on preventing Lyme disease focuses on behaviour modification, something that we humans tend to fail miserably at unless something arrives to force the issue. Unfortunately, that something tends to be a brush with Lyme disease.

Defining Moment

In order to solve a problem, you must first be able to define it. I think most of us can agree on that.

One of the interesting things about Lyme disease is that it doesn't currently have a definition that's universally agreed upon, something that has led to a great deal of rancour, confusion, and wildly unproductive conversations. I've come across many situations where it hasn't been totally clear that everyone involved is talking about the same illness. I mean, they're all calling it Lyme disease, but often the name is the only thing they can agree on.


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